The Big City of Love is a magical city like no other. Stemming from the Tree of Life, the original city outlook has been replaced with high-rise buildings and restaurants after the tree was cut down for luxury. You don’t need money to pay in this city; the “live, love, experience” life is the only price you need to pay here.

Live: Live the life you have always wanted in the range of fulfillment.

Love: From the very first day of entering the Big City of Love unconditional love will be filtered and experienced throughout your whole journey of love.

Experience: This will be the most unimaginable experience you have ever had. You will be pampered and catered to every moment you are here.

There Are Three Ways to Get to
The Big City of Love.

First, by Dreaming.

Secondly, by Fantasizing.  

Lastly, you’re Summoned by the Court of Love.

About The Author
Ron Spates

A fitness enthusiast, self-made businessman, and a professional bodyguard, writing a book was the last thing on Ron’s mind when he first got the idea of The Big City of Love. This book marks his debut as an author, allowing him to unleash his creativity and storytelling skills in a universe where lives intertwine, romantic relationships are strengthened or weakened, and justice is served in the Court of Love.

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For the fun, drama, and mystery, of course! The Big City of Love isn’t your average novel on romantic relationships and the pain of a broken heart. It shows you how different people experience love and the consequences their actions have on those around them. Going one step further than an ordinary romance story, it goes on to depict a reality where people are judged in the Court of Love by the people they hurt, as well as how those hurt heal from a broken heart. In doing so, it explores the themes of self-confidence, self-reflection, healing, and the power to overcome all obstacles. It doesn’t get more fascinating than this!

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